Full accessories are included in the pack

Mobile Holder

" Your phone stays protected and dry "

Water resistant

The mobile case is high frequency welded.

Modular closing fits almost any mobile in the market. 

The front easy access zippered pocket is designed to hold your ATM or credit cards. 

Back bracelet fixes the mobile case to shoulder straps, side handles, laptop case or on your arm for your outdoor craziness. 

Removable Sternum Straps

" Walking, riding, climbing request different preparation. "


The adjustable strap’s length customises the space between back and pack.

It can easily detach from straps.  

The orange clip is a security whistle, one small, yet useful tool for your security.

Extra capacity straps

" Sometime we are like wet clothes, just hanging out wondering our next step "

Extra loading

Large clips and premium fabric are combined to help the loading of various products with different sizes. They comes in two different sizes with adjustable lengths. Perfect to keep wet and dirty stuffs separate from your main backpack compartment.




Lenght 20cm, Width 11cm. 

Adjustable length up to your actual mobile  

Bracelet size: 

Height 6cm,  Width 30cm 


Ballistic Tarpaulin, 100% Polyester, 

With extra PVC coating and DWR finishing 

(Durable Weather Repellent)

High frequency welding finishing 

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