For the Kickstarter campaign only – every pledge will include: 
Laptop case 
Mobile’s cover 
A complete set is included in each pledge during the campaign.

Sorry, you can’t buy separate items now. 
We designed the full set to take care of all your hi-tech tools, proven to be 100% safe when used together.

For International shipping we have chosen TNT, a traceable parcel number will be given to each shipment.

Average transit time for each parcel should be 5 working days.

We want the best service delivery possible for you backers, and we will try to ship you the pack in the shortest time possible.

We may be forced to use a different parcel company depending on your final destination.

Other shipping companies will be selected to match TNT standards.

For Asian destinations we will use SF.

For Russian backers only – sorry, but we won’t be able to ship faster than 25 days.

Part of the shipping cost will be paid by our side, as international parcel companies are more expensive than what we charge.

Customs, VAT and other taxes are not included in our rewards, since they are different for each country and we are shipping worldwide. As many other project here. 

Our pledge is what in the shipping world is called CNF (Incoterms).

That means it is up to our backers to pay these duties and taxes on delivery. All of our prices are in Euro, so remember to convert to the correct currency when calculating.

If you need some help calculating duties, check out this great tool too:

Note: if you have any special shipping request, something that you used with previous creators, please let us when we will send out our shipping address survey. We will try to contact it from our warehouse and see if we can reach your destination with it.

For those who would like to know, our shipping warehouse will be first settled in Hong Kong where MOW team have been living for quite long time. Slowly with time we will settle a new warehouse in Italy and possibly, finding the correct partner in US too.

Finger crossed for our bright feature together with our backers!

Without your help we couldn’t be where we are now, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts!

Sorry we cannot allow any manual pickup, our shipping system is highly automatized and we can’t change any destination address after your destination is confirmed.

If you will miss the delivery at your door, you can contact TNT’s local office (or the other company up to your AWB Air Way Bill) and ask them to come at a different time to match your schedule or go directly to their warehouse. Please contact them before, as each warehouse may have their own regulations. 
We will assist you during all shipping procedures; don’t worry

Please be extremely careful about filling your address information during your purchase, or after our shipping survey. 
All the information is extremely important: Full name, Full Address, Phone number.

In case you change or notice a mistake with the address, contact the International parcel company written on your Air Waybill after the shipment and contact their closest office to your destination. We can help you get in touch. 
The parcel company will be able to assist you with delivery address changes. 
Anyhow, we will be with you all the way so for problems related with delivery please write us at:

What are you doing with the money you helped us raise?

We are a very small group of people, globetrotters and creative minds joined together to design and manufacture products with MINIMAL touch, ORGANISED accessories for everyday WEAR.

MOW’s mission is to create single projects, bringing to reality specific solutions to common problems.

So with Riviera we want to solve the common fear of getting everyday vulnerable belongings wet or damaged. 
(So we started from choosing technical fabric, then matching the safest workmanship to get our target: the highest waterproof standards possible with a competitive price.)

The results it a very technical pack matching everyday needs.

Riviera means to be the safest waterproof backpack in commerce, with our floating system, shock absorbing, fast drying material, compact look and versatile features, it is the best every day commuter that fits your high end business meeting as easily as your most extreme outdoor activities.

We are fascinated by technical wear, minimalist looks, waterproof fabric, special padding and hi-tech production processes.

We helped to develop and manufacture hundreds of styles for different brand names in the US and European market.

We believe crowdfunding is the best way for us to bring our product to life, offering an opportunity to build a close relationship between creators and consumers.

So instead of creating a brand to sell through many hands, from manufacturers, importers, distributors, agents, shops and finally the end consumer, we want to build a direct relationship with our users, let them inside the whole process form production to review of the product. 
We are focused on offering a premium product at an affordable price.

What are we doing with the money we raise?

Well we have invested since Aug 2016 in this project, making sure that every detail has been taken care of. We developed decades of prototypes, settled the right machines and workmanship along with hi-ending partner manufacturers; all this process to take care of every single product quality.

We settled the production lines to make an immediate start with bulk production as soon the campaign ends. 
Now we just need your help to reach the minimum quantity and buy those tech materials we selected and tested during previous process.

Most of the money we will raise will go to cover production costs, control, inspection, and payback part of the money we already invested. 
The rest of the money will be invested back in new products, developing, office rent, and salaries. 
Yes, new products, as we already have many other ideas to ease your everyday problems. 
It has been a long ride, but we want to make the best product possible.

Yes we do, All products sold by MOW are covered by a warranty of 12 (Twelve) months for any lack of conformity pursuant to Chapter III of Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005. To benefit from assistance under the warranty, the Client must retain the invoice or the payment receipt, along with the delivery note. 
The warranty for lack of conformity shall be applicable provided that the product concerned has been used correctly, in accordance with its intended use and in compliance with the contents of the instructions for usage and laundering provided in and/or with the product. 
Should MOW, for any reason, not be able to provide the Client with a product under the warranty (repaired or replaced), or should repair or replacement be excessively burdensome, due to the value of the product, MOW may proceed by applying an appropriate discount on the price paid, or by refunding the whole amount paid and terminating the contract. 
Where the implementation of the warranty requires the product to be returned, the same must be returned by the Client in its original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessories).

We will repair or replace any product that has shown manufacturing defects, or products that have succumbed to reasonable use, wear and tear. 
We will not accept products that have been deliberately damaged or subject to unreasonable wear. Before any claim please make sure to contact our after sales service to evaluate what will be the most effective action to undertake to solve the problem you incurred.

Is the pack waterproof?

Yes, the backpack is completely waterproof, with that we mean full immersion proof.

Only two ways of closing are watertight: Sack (boat) mode and Floating mode make the pack full-immersion proof.

Please follow closing instruction carefully (added labels in your backpack) and practice before making any trial in the water. 
If the pack is not closed correctly water may leak inside the main compartment. As any other things it takes some experience and practice to get perfect, please remind that in case you don’t close the pack correctly it will not be watertight.

What is the fabric? 
The fabric is ballistic tarpaulin made to resist a lifetime. 
Extra PVC coating has been added to both sides of the fabric, bound with a 100% polyester middle layer. 
Over the external fabric layer we add DWR finishing and low temperature resistant treatment on the external shelf to resist at any weather conditions

How does the pack float? 
We design the pack with enough liters and shape to hold air with two watertight closings. We chose all padding and lining to be water and floating proof. 
For extra safety we designed the back to float with its top outside the water surface. Depending on how the internal weight is distributed the pack will float flat or vertical. 
The pack is floating with a summary of variable, air inside the pack + floating padding material – Loaded internal weight.

We highly suggest keeping the pack top opening always outside the water, letting it navigate on the surface (see our test video, the pack front should face the sky/roof), not upside down. 
We have tested the pack in extreme conditions, to resist at temporary and long full immersion, so in case the pack’s top will go fully under water it will keep your belonging dry. 
For long immersion mode make sure to keep the top outside the water and leave enough air inside the pack to let it float the time you need.

Are the pack’s padding and accessories waterproof? 
Yes they are either waterproof or durable water resistant, selected and tested to dry in seconds.

Can I use the pack as a safety tool in the water? 
No. We haven’t designed or tested the pack as safety tool. We highly suggest you to try the pack in water only if you are a professional swimmer. So don’t rely on the pack for swimming if you are not a good swimmer. 
(Check on website rules)

In no case shall, our founders or directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents, contractors, interns, suppliers, service providers or licensors be liable for any injury, loss, claim, or any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special, or consequential damages of any kind, including, without limitation lost profits, lost revenue, lost savings, loss of data, replacement costs, or any similar damages, temporary or permanent injured and life loss whether based in contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise, arising from your use of any of the service or any products procured using the service, or for any other claim related in any way to your use of the service or any product, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any content, or any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the service or any content (or product) posted, transmitted, or otherwise made available via the service, even if advised of their possibility.

Can you trust your pack in full immersion always? 
Yes you can. Remember to close it correctly though. Make your own tests first, learn how to use it and afterward you can try your skill with full immersion mode. 
Remind only sailing sack mode and floating mode are watertight so will stand to full immersion.

Yes, the pack’s main compartment is safe against any weather conditions, tested up to 100.000mm water column. Any closing ways will work fine against rain, snow, storm, monsoon and your friends’ water pranks.

Can I trust the external pocket? 
You can trust the external pocket but remember we designed these with air ventilation holes; to make sure the outer pocket will dry wet clothes. So we suggest you always store your fragile belongings inside the pack in the main compartment or inside the laptop case. 
Pockets are weather resistant, so you can trust them during normal rain.

Can I trust the Laptop case/Mobile holder? 
Yes you can trust these. They are weather resistant and temporary immersion proof. Even so, please note that wrong closing or long contact with humidity may damage your belongings anyway. 
So always make sure that the case is close correctly and it won’t stay too long in sever weather conditions. 
If you want to be 100% sure and not worry anymore, close your sensitive stuff inside the pack’s main compartment.

Is the laptop case or mobile holder waterproof? 
We make them to stand to the most sever conditions and they respond perfectly. 
We always suggest using the laptop case and mobile holder as secondary safety protection inside the main compartment whenever you will need full immersion in water or during severe weather conditions.

The bottom of the pack is extra padded with shock absorbing panels to ensure protection form bumps or shocks. 
The pack’s back is extra padded with EVA and isolation panels to offer extra security again bumps. The internal laptop case is made to be 360-degree shock absorbing.

The pack has a large internal space with an expandable top; it can go from 20 to 30L in a few seconds. 
So it offers a compact look for daily use and large internal space for weekends away.

The Riviera is a fully radio frequency welded backpack, this is the reason why it has the highest waterproof standards ever reached by an urban pack. 
With such workmanship it is not possible to have a traditional internal organiser. 
For this reason we went beyond the technical limit offering the laptop case, that when inside the pack works exactly like a traditional organiser, with separate internal mesh pockets for a mobile, tablet and of course laptop. And an external pocket. While outside it works as a separate pack, still offering extra protection against water. On the top of it we did add a small internal band to help with organization-easy access.

The pack is designed for daily urban jungles as per your most extreme outdoor craziness. We use the most secure material and tested the pack in the most extreme weather condition we could find. 
The result is a backpack perfect for your daily life and tested in the most extreme conditions.

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