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Riviera pack is the right solution for your contemporary working life, considering urban jungle challenges, global travels and active-sport lifestyle

Available right now only the Riviera full set

High Frequency Welding

" The safest workmanship to achieve the highest waterproof standards. "


All seams are welded to resist up to 100.000mm water column and achieve extreme waterproof standards. 

The main compartment is zip and stitch free to give extra water security and protect your vulnerable belongings in severe weather conditions.

The back resists water even in full immersion mode and actually floats over 15kg loads.


Expandable size

" Everyday we need to carry loads of stuff and fit different occasions. "

Rool Up Top

Our pack expands from 20L to 30L, to perfectly fit one day at the office or a weekend away. Its length is adjustable just in few seconds. 

Air Ventilation Back

" Matching one pack to the human back is like going on a blind date. Ensured attraction is now possible "

Air Ventilation

The back is designed to maximize air ventilation.

3D Padded EVA  with laser cut finishing is made to balance temperature with our specific ergonomic design. 

Fast drying material will dry just in seconds. 


Back Sweat Free

" Daily temperatures change constantly and weather forecasts are often unpredictable "

Heat Isolation

The Internal isolation panel ensures heat isolation with innovative system that separates body and pack temperature.

Keeping your back sweat-free even on the hottest day. 

Ergonomic Shoulder Straps

" 3D padded straps helps weight distribution. They will adapt to different terrains, weights and outdoor craziness. "


Shoulder straps are ergonomically designed with 3D top grade EVA. Extra padding offers comfort in any situation, while keeping 100% water repellency.

Each strap has it’s own strap-keeper to maintain a minimalist look, without any loose hanging parts.

Shock Absorbing Bottom

" It easy to brake things, much easier than building them. "

Shock absorbing

The pack bottom is extra padded with EVA to reach high shock absorbing standards. This allows you to bring your vulnerable belongings safe and protected even when your attention flies away. 

Front Pockets

" Fashion packs usually sacrifice features and technical packs are mostly designed only for specific use. "

Easy Access

Two zippered flat pockets are easily accessible and help keep you most used items safe.

The upper pocket has a horizontal opening with weather resistant zip. 

While the second pocket has a vertical opening with weather resistant zip, designed to fit book or tablet on land. While after being in water will separate your wet gear from the dry main compartment

Easy Dry Holes

" After relaxing on the beach or exercising at the gym we always bring some wet and dirty stuffs with us"

Drying System

Water resistant pockets will help to keep dry and wet items well separated from the main compartment.

Specific laser cut mesh with water proof coating allows the pocket air ventilation between shelf fabric and inner lining,  offering the fastest and secure dry system in the market.

Side Handles

" One modular backpack can not solve all your storage issues. "

Extra Capacity

Side handles combined with extra capacity straps are the right solution to pack wet -sandy towels or extra clothing layers.

It can easily switch from holding your Yoga mat to your extra clothing layers.  

Multipurpose Internal Tape

" There is always something that organizes your stuff easier and better"

Easy organiser

Internal welded multi use tape is made by one layer of tarpaulin with loops in two different fabrics (rigid and stretchy).

Placed on the pack’s top, it holds pens, keys, glasses. Easy to find and impossible to lose. 

Closing Ways

Everyday we pack our bag differently. Riviera closing 3 in 1.

Three different and versatile closing systems offer the best strategy to face all needs.


Designed for water immersion or compact urban looking.


For daily and urban use and it extend to maximum loading capacity.


Water safe and gives an extra holding handle for sailing mode.




20 to 30L


Length 48cm, Width 30cm, Dept 15cm 

(Maximum unrolled length extension 68cm)


Ballistic Tarpaulin, 100% Polyester

Extra PVC coating and DWR finishing 

(Durable Water Repellent)


Top EVA laser cut panel 

Isolation panel 

High frequency welding finishing

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